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Web Design

With so many companies offering templated DIY websites builders now then why do you need to bring in a web designer?
The answer is simple. Firstly So many do not have the time . If you are trying to get your business off the ground or running a large team then where do you find the time to. Secondly templates can look nice but are very restrictive and soon you will find yourself frustrated as it will not bend to your needs. Thirdly there is normally so much extra unnecessary codeine your site that search engines such as Google will just pass it by for ranking. Finally you want to be different, you want to stand out.

website design


An ever changing part of the world wide web search engines.
Some companies will spend vast amounts of money to increase their traffic. Not all SEO needs to cost you a fortune in fact the basics should be there on every website just need to know where to look. We include basic SEO in all our sites and can help further increase it with lots of little tips you can do to help yourself once you are up and running. Or if you don't want to we can do it for you. It needn't cost the earth.

and Analytics


If your more of a technophobe than a tech genius then the practices of maintaining a website can get a little tricky. For those that would prefer to we offer flexible levels of maintenance. Whether it's just hosting or domain renewals to backing up or reloading your site if ever you were to run in to one of those nasty cyber criminals we hear so much about now. We really do try to work with whatever level you are comfortable with.

website maintenance

every project is different

some are small some are huge. We don't have set prices as things vary too much.
you can howerever guarantee we will give you the best price possible and a free consultation so you can get to meet us and decide if you would like to work together.
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